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Top 5 Putters of All Time

Top 5 Putters of All Time

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There are times in golf history where a paradigm shifts and  new design inspires generations of putters to come. Personally, I can remember the first time I saw these putters first hand and it was either love at first sight, or broke all the rules and you found yourself unwillingly testing a putter despite being perfectly happy with the one in the bag. Without further interruption – here is the Putter Lounge top 5 putters of all time.


5. Odyssey Duel Force Rossie 2

This putter put Odyssey on the map and has had many predecessors in the Odyssey line up for years. This mallet putter had a simple design yet stuck out from the rest with its black insert, cool logo and catchy name. This putter made its way in to bags of good players along with players looking to improve their game through technology. The face balance of this putter was spot on making it a good choice for players looking to improve their short range putting and also looking for a soft feel in a time where the golf ball was getting harder and harder. Seriously? Did anyone ever not use this putter?


4. The Wilson 8802

This classic has been mimicked by every major putter manufacturer over the years because of its classic design, intimidate feedback and silky feel. A heel toe design that can be traced back to the very beginning of golf yet still relevant today. Huge wins and huge names have come with an 8802 style putter in the hands including Crenshaw, Palmer and Mickelson. Players beware – if you see someone with a deep sun tan, an 8802 and pigeon toed stance, your in for a match.


3. Titleist Bullseye

Like the 8802 – the Bullseye is an unmistakable classic that was in the hands for some of golfs biggest moments including Pavin’s US Open and Steve Jones dramatic victory in the 96 US Open. The Bullseye had an unmistakable soft feel and very cool dull golden finish. Revived by Scotty Cameron in recent years – The Bullseye putter is sure to be a staple in the putter world for years to come.


2. Odyssey 2-Ball

The Odyssey 2-Ball was a God send for players who have them in the bag. Many golfers for the first time felt confident over short range putts as this design pretty much lined itself up and made it visually impossible to not line the ball up in the middle of the putter face. Face balanced and heavy – this putter gave hope to the hopeless and revived many a short game. the 2-Ball has racked up some impressive wins and can be found in and out of the hands of Jim Furyk, Padraig Harrington and many others.  The original concept was designed by Pelz, but the great design was perfected by Odyssey.


1. Ping Scottsdale Anser

The heel toe weight putter blue print was introduced to the golf industry via the Scottsdale Anser in 1966. Every putter manufacturer has a version of the heel toe design and its near impossible to not have one of these putters in a weekend foursome or the final parring of a major.  Even if you are a mallet guy or a blade guy you have to admit that a version of the Ping Answer has been in your bag at one point. If the Karsten family  received a 10% commission for every putter that was sold with this design they would be the richest family in the country.


What? No Scotty Cameron’s in the list?

Believe me, I am a big Scotty Cameron fan but in my opinion Scotty is a master at re-creating classics and perfecting already stellar designs. I currently play a Newport and have played nearly every Newport version that has been created but lets be honest – it’s a re-creation of the Anser. Scotty Cameron has had some very progressive designs that are unmistakably his including the Futura and Detour – But do you see those in the bag of today’s top players?  It can even be argued that the Futura is a spin off of the two ball concept.


Stay tuned and please feel free to comment – we can be persuaded to augment this list.

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