| Frequently Asked Questions about Putter Customization & Restoration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does ___ cost?

A: At PutterLounge.com all of our pricing is up front and can be found here or on our order form. Pricing starts at $159 and includes removing the club head buffing, polishing, application of finish paint fill and re-assembling the putter to the clients specifications. Because our pricing is up front, we do not provide quotes. To get an idea as to the cost of what you want, we highly recommend filling out our order form with that idea and reference the pricing as you go along.

Q: I am sending my putter head only, is there a discount

A: There is not a discount for putters sent head only.

Q: I am a PGA Member, what is the price for my customization?

A: In an effort to keep pricing affordable for all clients, there are no discounts for PGA members. The price is congruent with the published pricing sheet for all clients.

Q: My putter is brand new, is the price the same?

A: Yes, even new putters have prep work and the pricing is flat for all clients.

Q: Do you have Scotty Cameron/Manufacturer grips, stamps, shaft bands and covers?

A: No, we are not affiliated in any way with Titleist / Scotty Cameron and do not have their components, weights or stamps. Keep in mind the putter started with Cameron accessories or stamps on any image you see with Scotty Cameron stamps on our site or eBay listings.

Q: Do you recommend a re-milling for the face of my putter?

A: For most putters, we mostly leave the face alone in regards to buffing/polishing to preserve pre-existing milling on the face. This being said, we recommend re-milling the face for restoration purposes if there are nicks/dents which you would like removed. If the face has fairly light scratches or scrapes with very little depth, the prep process will likely remove them to an unnoticeable finished product. Outside of restoration purposes, normal depth milling is largely cosmetic while deep milling will change the feel and feedback towards the softer side. You can also have us evaluate the putter and recommend a re-mill upon check in, simply ask for it in the custom notes section of the order form for your putter customization.

Q: I do not see the service I want for my customization, what should I do?

A: We do our best to keep the site up to date at all times. If you do not see a particular service or component option, we do not offer it. The order form and price sheet provide the full scope of customization options you have with Putter Lounge.

Q: Can you change the shaft location or make my putter center shafted?

A: No, this requires welding and that is a service we do not provide. There are not exceptions to this aspect of our customization services.

Q: Can you remove existing stamps or engravings?

A: No, this requires welding and that is a service we do not provide. There are not exceptions to this aspect of our customization services.

Q: Is there a warranty on my finish?

A: Putter Lounge can not control how the putter is used, cared for after we ship it to the customer. There is not a warranty on any finishes we provide because of this. It is the responsibility of the owner of the putter to use a head cover, keep the putter head dry when not in use and we also recommend utilizing baby oil on raw carbon steel putter finishes (Black Oxide, Indigo, Fuel, Whiskey) periodically to preserve the finish and mitigate against moisture.  Black oxide is a chemical that provides mild corrosion resistance, it does not cause rust. If a putter rusts it is because it was exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. Putter Lounge is not responsible for putters that rust after our finishes are applied.

Q: Can you add weight to my putter?

A: At this time, there is not an option to add weight to your putter. Also, we do not stock weights for Studio Select and California Series replacement weights.

Q: Do you send a shipping label and box to me for my customization?

A: Shipping your putter to us is your responsibility. We recommend using USPS Priority Mail with Insurance. This typically costs in the range of $30 USD.

Q: Can I send in my putter with the shaft on?

A: Yes, the removal and reassembly of your putter after customization is included in the base cost of $159. We will install your existing putter shaft after customization unless new components are purchased. You can also send in a new grip with your order and we would be glad to install it, also included in your base price.

Q: I need my putter back faster. Can you expedite my order?

A: Putter Lounge is set up to take projects first in first out in an effort to keep projects within a time frame agreed to on the order form. We do not have an expedited option and if the turn around time does not fit your schedule, we kindly ask to send it in when it does.

Q: What are your shipping options?

A: Shipping starts at $30 for USPS Priority Mail or $20 UPS Ground. Additionally, we offer insured USPS Priority for $35 and UPS 2nd Day Air for $60. For international shipping, we use USPS Express Mail International which is usually around $65. We highly recommend insuring both shipments as we cannot be held responsible for carrier issues.

Q: How long does restoration / customization take?

A: The typical turn around time is 6 to 8 weeks in the shop. We ask our clients to agree to 5-9 weeks because projects can take more time depending on the scope of work. Please understand, the turn around time is “in shop” time and does not account for shipping. We kindly ask that our clients understand this is an agreed upon aspect of the customization at the conception of the order. Knowing this, checking on status individual putters slows down all projects, as it is a distraction to the customization process. Raw stainless steel restorations can be considerably shorter turn around time due to no chemical work. We still ask that you allow 3 weeks for stainless steel restoration.

Q: Can I call in and give you my customization request?

A: We kindly ask all of our clients to utilize our online order form. This will ensure the customization is completed to the highest degree of accuracy, you will have a copy of your customization request by email and your payment will be processed at the end of the process. Also note, that all of our clients need to agree to the terms and conditions that are found within the online order form.

Q: How do I know you received my project?

A: A member of our staff will send a copy of your paid invoice within 24 – 48 hours of its arrival. If you have a tracking notification of when the package arrives then you will also know when we receive it. There is no need to call and check on if your putter has arrived within the 24 – 48 hour time frame as we need the time to check your project in to the shop, evaluate the customization request and input your information to our systems. We have members on staff to receive packages during business hours – please keep your shipping tracking codes and if it says delivered – we have it.

Q: How will I know when my project is complete?

A: We will send a copy of your paid invoice along with the shipping information when your project is complete. Please allow 24 hours for the shipping labels to populate in their respective systems as our postal providers pick up packages late in the afternoon.

Q: I need to change an aspect of my order, how should I do this?

A: The best way to request a change is to contact us through the website with a clear instruction on what aspect you want to change. A member of the staff will respond with a confirmation or a notification that the change cannot be accommodated. Not all changes can be accommodated based on the timing of the request. Please understand that change requests can jeopardize the accuracy of your customization.

Q: I would like to offer Putter Lounge services to my pro shop or golf club. What programs do you have?

A: We extend re-seller pricing when re-sellers bring in 5 customizations or more per month. This is a threshold that has been established based on experience and careful consideration. Re-sellers will be credited the difference between standard pricing and re-seller pricing once the threshold has been reached. Reseller pricing is not honored until the thresholds are met. Please contact us through the website with your contact information for consideration.

Q: Do you stock putters that are waiting for customization, or will you purchase a putter on my behalf and customize it to my specifications?

A: We do not stock used or new putters waiting for customization. Also, we do not acquire putters on behalf or our clients. Putters need to be sent in for customization. If you purchase a putter on eBay and send it directly to us, please let us know in advance.

Q: Do you sell customized putters?

A: Yes, we have a store on putter lounge and an eBay store that we list our completed projects on. Keep in mind there is not further customization requests that can be accommodated on these putters. These putters are sold as is.

Q: I have a ___ putter. What can be done?

A: First off, make sure your putter has no plastic or soft inserts that would not hold up to any of our heat applied finish – exceptions can be made if it is removable. Next, determine the putter material to narrow down eligible finishes. All of our raw finishes are for steel putters, either carbon or stainless steel, while we have various restoration and micro polymer finishes for other putters. If you are sending in a Scotty Cameron, you can simply fill out the order form and when you select your series it will give you applicable finishes for your putter. Past picking a finish, nearly any service offered on our order form is available to nearly any putter model. We highly recommend filling out a ‘practice’ order form for your putter to get ideas and pricing for your customization, the form is set up to walk through everything we offer while narrowing down finishes based off the putter material selected.