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Price List

Customization Services Price List

If you have any questions regarding pricing and your project, you can contact us at sales@putterlounge.com. Our order form also provides you with your price as you select your options.

$159 Base Cost Services

We provide top of the line finishes for today’s most demanding players.  Our pricing has been established after careful research and is more than competitive with elite customization studios around the country. Our pricing and terms are up front on the website and customers can place an order by using our online order form. To ensure accurate customizations and to streamline operations, all clients are asked to utilize the online order form.
Our base cost service includes the following:
Custom finishes start at – $159 – Includes the following

  • Club Head Removal
  • Buffing / Polishing imperfections off the club head (some deep imperfections can not be eliminated)
  • We do not hand buff and polish the face of the putter, but offer optional CNC face milling options to restore putter faces
  • Application of custom finish
  • Application of custom paint fill
  • Reinstallation of club head
  • Installation of components

Optional Services

Please note that the below prices are added to the base cost in the order form. See instructions below for stand alone services as our online order form is for full customization/restorations only.
  • Chemical chrome stripping – $35 with full customization
  • Sight lines and alignment dots – $40 (Per line or dot) with full customization
  • Re-mill the putter face – $75 with full customization
  • Stamps – $30 (per area) with full customization; $40 (per area)  stand alone service including paint fill
  • Lie/loft adjustment – $20
  • New shafts – $17 – $250
  • Stand-Alone Paint Fill Services including stripping of old paint – $50
  • New & Installed Putter Grips – Starting at $12
  • Return Shipping USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground – Starting at $15 (other services listed on the order form)
  • Welding – starting at $100

Payment information & Methods of Payment

Payment is due in full at the time of the order. If there are complications with our online order form we will provide an invoice that is payable online. All full customization customers need to submit an order online for two reasons: 1. The order form is the point of reference for the customization 2. All customers must agree to the terms and services in the order form.

Accounts and post billing are not available.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. If you would like to use PayPal – please fill out the order form and do not pay at the end. After you have completed the order form and click “submit” we will get the customization request even if payment is not performed at that time. Send us an email requesting a PayPal invoice and a customer service rep will send the invoice upon your request.

Stand alone services can be ordered by sending your putter and/or shaft to us at our address below. Include your e-mail address, contact information, and instructions as to the services you would like to order. An invoice will be sent to you via e-mail upon receipt of your putter and/or shaft that can be paid by credit card or PayPal. Payment is required before the completed putter and/or shaft is returned.

Payment Information & Methods of Payment

If a change request can be honored after the initial order funds will be requested via an online payable invoice with multiple forms of payment. Please understand, we can not always honor change requests if we are too far along in the process. A customer service rep can receive customization requests and verify if it is still an option. You can call us at 1.800.407.5507 or preferably email us at sales@putterlounge.com so we can document the change request over email.