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The Nike Oven Experience

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Nike Vapor Driver Preview from The Oven

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for Nike Golf. The golf world was introduced to the MMPROTO at the British Open with Rory’s 2 iron. Then, the MMPROTO irons were introduced on tour, and 40 sets were produced for retail. Then, the not so subtle introduction of the Vapor line was introduced in New York with Jimmy Fallon, Rory & Tiger. The golf world then saw the Vapor Wood for the first time at the Ryder Cup in Rory’s bag, a controversial move considering his huge success with the Covert 2.0 in 2014.

With a dark cloud over the golf equipment industry with lagging sales and consumer fatigue with rapid product releases, Nike is looking to strike while others are down and suck up market share. My take away, Nike is doing what it has done in so many other sports. They are first viewed as an outsider; they get the best athletes, and then end up on top of the sport. Remember when everyone in soccer wore black boots and three stripes? Remember when skateboarder’s would never be caught in a mainstream brand like Nike? Keep in mind, the old traditionalists are aging and the top junior players have no concept of when Nike was not a considerable player in the golf industry. Phil’s “inferior equipment” comments seem so long ago, and so laughable now.

It’s just Nike being Nike.

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