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Order Form & Instructions

Below you will find step by step instructions. You will also find our online order form that provides you with all the options and an up front price as you complete your customization request. Pricing has recently been updated, previous prices are no longer honored.

Step 1: Fill out The Order Form Below
This order form is intended to help guide you through the putter refinishing process. Since our finishes are often only applicable to certain types of steel or metal, it is set up to provide only applicable finishes and services to the putter model entered (or a series of options if you do not know). The form includes every service we offer along with pricing, and also a section to write any custom notes for your putter customization. For the first time customizing a putter with us, the order form along with the mouseover notes on it are a great guide to everything offered through PutterLounge.
Once you complete the form, your order total will be available and you can settle up for the service using Visa or MasterCard.  If you have any issues with payment, no need to worry; simply reply to the order form confirmation email letting us know you need an invoice and you can pay online via PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. Once your order form has been submitted, you can proceed to sending your putter in.
Step 2: Send Your Project in to Putter Lounge
Please include the email order confirmation with your package. If you can not print the details, simply include your contact info within the package. We will have the customization request in our database, but please include this in your package to ensure we are able to match your putter with the customization request in our database.  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client both ways. We are not responsible for damaged or lost putters on the way to PutterLounge, so make sure to pack it well and consider insurance for the shipment. The shipping option in the order form is for the return shipping, we do not send a shipping box and label to send your putter in. The best option we have found is USPS Priority Mail – many times your USPS location will have a free tube priority box to ship your putter.
Putter Lounge
#J158 8547 E. Arapahoe Road
Centennial, Colorado
Step 3: Confirmation of Arrival Notification
When the putter is received, we will send a copy of your paid invoice confirming the arrival of the putter. Please allow 48 hours for arrival processing. It is not necessary to call or email requesting if the package arrived. Please use a trusted shipping provider with tracking information, insurance is also recommended for your shipment. Someone from our staff will be at our location during business hours to receive packages. If your shipping tracking indicates that the package has arrived, it indeed has, and we need 24 – 48 hours to verify the customization request, check in your project and notify our client that the project is initiated.
Step 4: Restoration & Customization Process
Your customization takes 7 – 10 weeks depending on the scope of the work. Putters cannot be sent back halfway through the process. If the time frame does not fit your schedule, we kindly ask to come back to us when it does. We work to get the putters back to customers as fast as possible while maintaining quality to begin with – this means in other words that we do not have an expedited service.
Step 5: Project Completion & Return Shipping
Once your order is complete, we will send an email confirming the completion and send you an email with a tracking code. The return shipping is an option that is available in the order form below.
Fill out my online form.