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Black Oxide on Carbon

Black Oxide on Carbon Steel Finish

Refinish your putter in a deep black finish – available in shiny, satin or matte for carbon steel putters. The deep black finish provides an optimal contrast between putter site lines and the golf ball, helping players line the putter up square and consistently on every putt. Bright paint fill colors will really pop against this black canvas. Black Oxide is a finish that will wear over time and owners of black oxide putters need to take precautions to ensure the finish lasts. Black Oxide putters should never be left in wet conditions and should be wiped down with a dry cloth after play. Leaving a black oxide putter in a wet head cover will cause rusting. Black Oxide is available for carbon steel putters in three sheen options – Shiny, Satin and Matte. Black Oxide is available on Stainless Steel putters in one sheen – Flat black with minimal glare. Black oxide is not available for aluminum putters such as the Scotty Cameron Kombi. For aluminum putters we recommend Tuxedo or Candy White as your customization option. Please note on some of the more recent Scotty Cameron models, there are bare steel cherry dots that cannot be preserved in bare steel during the black oxide application process.
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Base Price - $159

Turn Around Time - 6 - 8 weeks in Shop

Paint fill included in base price

Raw Finish for Carbon Steel: Keep dry & oiled when not in play

Customization Options

a comprehensive list of additional services to completely customize your putter

putter-gripsIOMIC Putter Grips

Putter Lounge carries the full range of IOMIC golf grips. IOMIC is a popular choice on tour because of their exact weight specifications, vibrant colors and long lasting tac. IOMIC grips come in many popular colors to match the paint fill for a complete customized look. IOMIC putter grips also come in a variety of textures and sizes for a wide range of player preferences. Putter Lounge is not affiliated with Titleist or any other manufacturer and does not stock “original” grips. Customers are welcome to send in a grip with their project to be installed at no additional cost.


Milling Options

Milling patterns on the face of the putter is used to create a perfectly flat surface. Putters that have damage on the face including nicks, dents and bag chatter benefit from a “re-mill”. Without a re-mill the putter face will remain in the condition it came to Putter Lounge. Milling patterns can be requested as a “deep mill” or “standard mill” on the order form.

Deep milling reduces the surface area that makes contact with the ball that results in a softer sound.

Standard mill is at a conventional depth to preserve the sound feedback as close as possible to the factory spec.

lie-loftLie & Loft Alterations

Lie Loft alterations can be made to nearly every putter that is sent in to Putter Lounge. The most popular lie loft is the Scotty Cameron standard of 4 degrees loft and a 71 degree lie angle. Lie and Loft alterations can be requested on the order form.

Sight Lines & Dots

Sight lines and dots can be requested on the order form for an additional fee. Sight lines and dots are milled in the surface of the putter and paint fill is then applied for the finished look. Sight lines and dots are priced per milling operation (per line or dot).

Putter Shafts

Putter Lounge has many shaft options including standard chrome shafts from True Temper, and custom putter shafts with durable color coatings in a variety of sheens. Black and White putter shafts are the most popular and are available for straight in .355, .370 and flair tip “straight” designs. Single bend and double bend shafts can be customized but are not stocked in the shop.


We offer stamps of numbers and letters to personalize your customization. We have letters and numbers for our stamps that can be used for your initials, name, slogan or whatever you desire. It is important to understand that the option is limited to numbers and letters. We do not engrave logos, signatures etc. We also do not falsify “tour model” stamps. Please also note that we do not remove existing engravings or stamps from putters as that requires welding and that is a service we do not provide.

Previous Works

inspiration for your project

Paint Fill Options

Solid Colors (Semi-Gloss Only)

Navy Blue
Hot Pink
Varsity Blue
Mellow Pink
Silver (Metallic)
Carolina Blue
Gold (Metallic)
Forest Green
Burnt Orange
Copper (Metallic)
Celtic Green
Taxi Yellow
Lime Green
Bright Yellow

Transparent Paint Fill Options

Please Note – Transparent Colors are Ideal for Lighter Color Finishes (Candy White, Raw Stainless Steel)

Varsity Blue
Celtic Green