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It was fun while it lasted…

It was fun while it lasted…

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The hardest cut ever…
The Beatles never had a stage like this. I guarantee that astronauts in the space station are going to tune in . This quite possibly could be the most difficult 8.5 miles of Earth that anyone has walked. Imagine being potty trained right in front of 1 billion people-do you think you could perform?
These are some of the estimates of the number of viewers that will be watching Thursday and Friday at The Masters this week. I remember when they would just show highlights on CBS after the 10 o’clock news on Thursday and Friday, let alone the front nine on the weekend. One of the worst of many phrases coined at Augusta is, ” The Masters doesn’t really start until the back nine on Sunday”.
It started on that non-assuming night in November of last year when Mr. Woods decided to drive his Escalde like some kid on a go-cart track.
This Masters will not doubt start with the first swing of Tiger on Thursday, and I believe it will end at around 5:30pm on Friday when Tiger doesn’t make the cut.
I can’t think of anyone that is going to be able to handle this kind of pressure, even under the closely guarded confines of Augusta National. With all of the Green Beret psychological training and Buddhist meditation influence that was bestowed upon him growing up by his parents, there was no contingency plan for this type of pressure.
It will truly be sad if he doesn’t make the cut because it will belittle this great championship. With all the blood in the water to attract the media hungry world of sharks that we live in, something so ridiculous will overtake the game for two days -and worse consume The Masters for that time period.
No one is above the game, they say, and they are right. But when Tiger steps up on the first tee and finally feels the pressure of his actions, he will see that he has lowered all of us below the game so far, that it may take years to get back to normal.

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