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Putter Lounge is your source for custom finishes and milling options for premium putters and wedges. Utilize our online order form to document your customization requests. Our online process is used to capture your customization options, gather your contact info and keep you informed when your putter is checked in and shipped back to you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we will be glad to help!
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Pricing & Options

At Putter Lounge our prices are right up front on our price sheet, and order form. Document your request on our order form and the price dynamically adjusts based on your options.

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Turn Around TIme

The current turn around time is 7 - 10 weeks. Turn around times can vary due to higher volumes, scope of your project, holidays and shipping times.


Pictures & Past Projects

We have published thousands of pictures in our blog and portfolio. Get inspired for your project by viewing some of our favorite client examples.

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Putter Finishes – Explore Your Options


Black Oxide on Stainless Steel

Black Oxide on Stainless is a popular option with modern stainless steel putters. This finish provides a true deep black with no glare making it ideal for all playing conditions. Black Oxide is the ideal choice for clients looking for an all black look that does not compromise the feel or sound feedback properties of a putter. The hardness of the steel does not change, so there is no difference in feel when you choose black oxide.

Most modern Scotty Cameron putters are stainless steel including the Select Series, Studio Stainless, California, Red X and Studio Style putters.


Black Oxide – Carbon Steel Putters

Refinish your putter in a deep black finish – available in shiny, satin or matte for carbon steel putters. The deep black finish provides an optimal contrast between putter site lines and the golf ball, helping players line the putter up square and consistently on every putt. Bright paint fill colors will really pop against this black canvas.

Black Oxide putters should never be left in wet conditions and should be wiped down with a dry cloth after play. Leaving a black oxide putter in a wet head cover will cause rusting. Black Oxide is available for carbon steel putters in three sheen options – Shiny, Satin and Matte. Black Oxide is available on Stainless Steel putters in one sheen – Flat black with minimal glare.


Candy White

Candy White is a micro-thin, heat-applied putter finish that has been gaining huge credibility with a number of big tournament wins and adoption on major tours across the world. This putter finish is also known as “Ghosting” or “Ghost”. This putter finish is certainly the brightest we offer and also one of the most popular.

This finish provides a great canvas for black, purple, sky blue and red paint fill. The contrast of white on the putting green provides players with extra alignment feedback and confidence.


Element 29

Element 29 is a copper tent finish that can be applied to stainless steel putters. This finish is a head turner and a great option for players looking for a low glare unique putter finish. Element 29 can be applied in shiny or satin versions.

Again, Element 29 is only available for Stainless Steel putters. Most modern Scotty Cameron putters are stainless steel including the Select Series, Studio Stainless, California, Red X and Studio Style putters.



Tuxedo is a black finish that can be applied to all putters excluding models that feature a soft insert. Soft insert putters include Odyssey White Hot Models and Nike Method Putters. Tuxedo is a finish that is heat applied creating a strong bond with the metal and features a minimal glare satin sheen. Tuxedo is a great option for aluminum putters and putters with inserts. Putter Lounge recommends not applying the finish to the striking area as steel, aluminum or other metal inserts are a superior and more consistent striking surface.



Fuel is a putter finish that is exclusive for carbon steel putters also known as “Oil Can”. It is deep brown in color and has a unique oily finish. This particular finish looks great with crisp white, orange, copper and gold paint fill.
Fuel is a finish that will wear over time and owners of these putters need to take precautions to ensure the finish lasts. Fuel finished putters should never be left in wet conditions and should be wiped down with a dry cloth after play. Leaving a fuel finished putter in a wet head cover will cause rusting. Just like Black Oxide, owners of carbon steel putters with high end finishes should use baby oil, gun oil or a silicone cloth to ensure the finish is not compromised by water or damp conditions.



The INDIGO refinishing process is done by hand and results in a dark oil finish with a blue tint. If you are going for a truly unique and incredible looking finish this is it. This finish is only available for carbon steel putter heads. When viewing our portfolio of INDIGO finish putters, keep in mind we use very intense lighting to bring out all the details of the quality of the refinishing job. This intense light brings out the blue. In normal lighting conditions you may find that the blue is less intense.



Whiskey is a deep brown finish that can be applied to carbon steel putter heads. This finish is available in matte, satin and shiny finishes. Whiskey is a finish that shows more movement (like oil can finishes) in the shiny option. Players like the dark contrast against the white ball and also enjoy having a putter that sticks out from the crowd. Owners of Whiskey finished putters need to keep them dry and periodically use baby oil and a silicone cloth to prevent rusting. Never leave your putter in a wet head cover. Crisp white paint fill, lime greens and sky blues look great against this dark brown canvas.

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