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Obsidian is a finish that can be applied to stainless steel and carbon steel – Provides optimal corrosion / rust resistance

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Candy White

candy white can be applied to all materials (carbon, stainless, aluminum)

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Black Oxide on Stainless

applied on stainless steel, little to no glare

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Black Oxide on Carbon Steel

available in three sheens – shiny, satin, matte

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Fuel on Carbon Steel

fuel also known as oil can has movement in the shiny version and a brown even finish in satin and matte

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indigo is a finish for carbon steel, the blue tints in the finish are unique to each project

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Element 29

element 29 is a finish that is exclusive to stainless steel that comes in shiny, satin or matte

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tuxedo is a finish primarily for aluminum putters but can be applied to stainless and carbon steel

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whiskey is a finish that is available for carbon steel only featuring a dark  brown in shiny, satin or matte

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Raw Stainless

raw stainless is a great option for durability, available in shiny, satin or matte

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